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What Makes CrossFit VCP Different

Although most CrossFit gyms are founded on similar principles, each one has different features.  CrossFit VCP is unique from other CrossFit fitness centers because we believe in three principles of success:  community, individual attention, and focus on development.

Individual Attention:  Small group classes are part of our business model and philosophy.  We limit our class size to ensure you receive the individual attention you deserve.  Although many other CrossFit locations have larger class sizes, we believe small is better-- we will never deviate from this belief.

Focus on Development:  Every day you come to CrossFit VCP, we will be working on specialized skills which require individual coaching.  Although it's much easier for a fitness center to just design a long cardio workout and leave the clients to themselves, we find this method of working out to be quite depressing and inefficient.  Our workouts are designed to be completed with the help of a certified trainer who will help you stay safe, healthy, and reach your fitness goals.

Community:  Our members make genuine friendships with one another.  As a group we believe it's important to interact with each other socially outside of the gym (parties, get-togethers, etc).  Building relationships outside our fitness center helps strengthen all of us.


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