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Testimonials From Our Members

AJ Johl, local business owner

"I joined crossfit VCP almost 2 years ago. The gym is a difference maker! You will get results! Denny is a great trainer who takes the time to show you the proper techniques know matter what your level is and I believe that is what separates our gym from the others. Also, the gym is clean and the 'community' is awesome."

Jana, 50

"I have been working out at CrossFit VCP since October 2014. I love not only the personalized training I receive at the gym, I also love the friendly camaraderie members bring to the box each day and I LOVE the results. In the past 17 months I have dropped fat, improved muscle tone and gotten much stronger. I can think of no better way to release stress, improve health and make friends than spending time at CrossFit VCP.

CrossFit VCP is hands-down the best crossfit gym in town. Denny Cordle is an amazing trainer, not only is he extremely knowledgeable about the human body, crossfit programming, and individual motivation, he is also kind, patient with beginners, and passionate about building an inclusive gym family. The box is clean and well maintained, parking is easy and classes are never too large. CrossFit VCP is the real deal."

Annie Akers

"I started working out at Crossfit VCP in August and have been in love with this gym ever since. The workouts are always new and different and I am constantly seeing improvements in my strength as well as my physical appearance. I have not been on a super strict diet but have cut out a lot of bad foods since starting here. I am so happy with the changes I have seen in myself physically and even mentally. This gym is more than just a place to workout it's a family and I'm so happy to be a part of it."

Chadd Ramos

"I joined Crossfit VCP in June 2014 and having never done actual crossfit before, I was eager to try a new form of fitness. I came to Crossfit VCP with a decent foundation of lifting and circuit training from my earlier baseball career. Coach Denny really took the time to help me refine my Olympic lifting technique as well as provided me with specific stretches and mobility workouts that have helped me increase my overall flexibility and range of motion. I am extremely happy with not only how my strength has progressed, but also my endurance and my overall ability to perform complicated crossfit movements.

Coach Denny and the other training staff do an excellent job of listening to your specific goals and working with you to map out a plan for success. If your goal is to loose weight for a wedding or to train for the Crossfit Games, a modification of weights and movements are always available depending on your skills and abilities. The sense of community among the members, the focus on safety and proper technique, as well as the motivation and encouragement from the VCP staff and peers are what keep me coming back day after day. With the proper mindset, a positive attitude, and lots of sweat you WILL achieve your goals!!! "

Ben Doney

"CrossFit VCP stands up to what it's name represents: Vision, Community, Passion. I've been continually impressed with these core values, and it sets CrossFit VCP apart from all the other CrossFit "boxes". Denny is outgoing, friendly, professional, and dedicated to his craft. He is always focused on the proper form and safety of all of the athletes at the gym, regardless of the level of fitness or experience. It's not just about intensity and volume, but on keeping clients healthy and growing in strength and experience. That is not to say that the workouts will not kick your ass...each one can have you puking in the bushes if that's your thing!

What I've enjoyed from day 1 at CrossFit VCP is the deep understanding of fitness and the human body that the trainers have. Denny and Veronica are not just "Level 1 Certified", but professionals in their craft and have been training athletes for years. It's great to hear the science behind the exercises and programming, and realize these are not just random movements thrown up on the board to make us suffer! There is a method to the madness, and it's specifically designed for growth and development.

And last but not least, the community at CrossFit VCP cannot be beat. This is not just a "box", or gym, or a place to go "heads down" and get a workout in. The gym is full of friendly people, good-natured ribbing, encouragement, and is just an overwhelmingly positive atmosphere. People are improving their lives, getting stronger, growing, and feeling that positive change. No wonder you see so many smiles here!"

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